How it Works

How Does This 3D Scanner Really Work?


Basically it scans you in real-time and creates a digital 3D representation of you. We then work on your picture online to make sure you get the best Selfie. Then, your picture files are downloaded and sent to a 3D printer lab.  A 3D model of you is made in the lab. 

How Long Does It Take For My 3D Selfies To Be Finished And Ready For Shipment Or Pick-Up?


The process takes about 8 weeks in a lab due to high demand and a technical process.  Then, it will be mailed to your address or picked up in store.

Do We Have To Hold Still For The Scan?


With our 3D Scanning Booth System it all happens in a split second. You can breath normally and you don’t have to hold your breath. Its just like taking a photograph at the studio.  Instead of a single picture capture we use over a hundred cameras and sensors to capture the moment.


What Kind Of Poses Can I Plan For My 3D Selfies?


There are no limitations on poses. Details like spread fingers or strands of hair, etc. tend to break and are unable to be printed. We will show you how to get the best pose for your selfie.  We can scan two adults with one or two kids and/or pets in one photo image capture.  If children are small we can accommodate more.

We also love pets!  We can help you capture a 3D Selfies of just your pet, or include your pet with you holding it in the picture scan.

We do not do nudes or capture inappropriate Selfies.  If you have tattoos you would like to highlight in a Selfies, please ask us how to appropriately highlight it.


Can I Send You Pictures Instead Of Visiting You For The Scan?


Sorry but No, you have to visit the studio personally or if you have an event we can come to you. The complexity of our procedure and the acquired scan data is extremely high and therefore not currently replaceable by photos.  As technology changes we will offer 3D printing options from your own scans.


What Kind Of Clothes Should I Wear?


Important notes about your clothes.


The scanning system analyses surface details. The more it can see, the better the quality of the result. The system doesn’t like surfaces that are too transparent, too shiny, or that lack structure over a large area.  Bright colors are good.  Since selfies are printed in color, the more the better.

Please be aware that the nature of small 3D Selfies can cause some details to be slightly stylized. This includes very thin parts like a finger pointed in the air. These would break when printed in the according dimension of only a millimeter or so.


What Material Is The 3D Selfies Made From?


It is a high performance composite clay powder that has a grainy feel, normally called Sandstone.